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The Dreamer Within - "Purge"

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The Dreamer Within - "Purge"

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Artist Bio:

Surging onto the UK scene in 2014 – The Dreamer Within are a 5 piece Metalcore band from Exeter, UK. Combining their love of synth and EDM with blistering riffs, ruthless breakdowns and catchy clean melodies - this band won’t leave you standing still for long.

Writing songs with a dark feel but an underlying positive message is one of the elements that sets this group apart in heavy music today - Drawing on inspiration from supernatural theories, mankind’s place in the universe and their favourite video games; they seek to assault you with a crushing live and studio sound but leave you feeling uplifted and ready to hit that repeat button.

Their use of synth and electronic elements adds an atmosphere to the music that both gently introduces a more epic feel to their verses and choruses and in other parts gives you something to all out throwdown to!

However, these guys are not your standard synth and breakdown package as they aren’t afraid to utilize all elements of the guitar. You can expect soaring technical leads and riffs that will find you searching for guitar tabs immediately after you’ve heard them.

So far the band have shared a stage with the likes of I Divide, Glamour of the Kill, Skindred and Palisades to name a few, and are set for their first UK tour in June this year.

"Before seeing these guys you better order a new rib cage cuz these guys are just crushing live" - Mike James (Mike James Rock Show)

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